Kawalo concepts & designs is a Cebu-based graphic design and web solutions studio. Kawalo began producing designs in 2007, with Rey Siasar as art and marketing director and Michael Barrientos as lead graphic and web designer.

Rey and Michael have hammered projects together since 2005 as freelancers. Due to the high demand for their services, they decided to formally launch a design and web solutions studio. Superstitious folks that they are, they named the studio kawalo concepts & designs, believing eight (walo in the local language) to be a lucky number, aside from other fantastic reasons.

With a new name and attitude, Rey and Michael continued to provide outstanding services to a number of clients, both local and international. Back then, Rey was working in Cebu while Michael was based in Manila.

On the last quarter of 2009, Rey and Michael were having some challenges in coping with the influx of clients. They even tried doing the rain dance, but to no avail. After Michael moved back to Cebu, kawalo concepts & designs then scouted for new members who would help them create exciting graphic designs and web solutions — and who would also join them in the rain dance occasionally. Kawalo welcomed the new members of the team: Bryan Moncayo, Francis Seno, Rodel Tancio and Marie Cristallete Abelgas. These recruits were brainwashed so well they’re even willing to wear superhero masks at work.

Kidding aside, kawalo is serious in delivering high-quality designs that best express their client’s vision. Whatever the medium, kawalo products have a distinct mark of creativity and functionality that can only be brought about by the design team collaborating closely with the client.


Brian Moncayo (a.k.a. Bri-bri)
is the Project Manager and in-house caped crusader. Responsible for client satisfaction and management of client accounts. He also makes sure that the design team behaves well and delivers on time by pulling out his Bull whip of Justice. Client satisfaction is his only reason to smile, that and being able to fly.
Michael Barrientos
Michael is kawalo's lead designer and is in charge of front-end design in every kawalo project. He is currently working as a layout artist and multimedia designer in a multinational company here in cebu.
Francis Seno (a.k.a. RJ)
is the main man in Flash Development, with a high-level of ActionScript skills to build multimedia elements, flash applications, and flash animations for our clients. He also loves to play the guitar while sleeping and threatens to cut his hair into a Mohawk if somebody would call him the Flash.
Marie Cristallete Abelgas (a.k.a. Tal-tal)
is the Web Developer of the studio. Specializing on web design, theme conceptualization, and CMS customization and porting. She is the only female in the group and is also suspected of having real Super Powers.
Rehnee Soriano (a.k.a. Rehneegade)
He is currently working as a software developer at “Metro Stores”, a leading chain of retail stores in Cebu. His 4-year experience in Softdev expanded his capabilities to handle the whole credit system and enhanced his knowledge in easily solving software related problems. In terms of handling programming languages, he is versatile in old-based to modernized programs.